Our Purpose:

Have you ever been disappointed when the book or video you wanted to borrow wasn’t available?

Have you ever wished for just a little extra help using the computer or internet to locate information?

That’s what Friends are for. We help the Audelia Road Library improve its service to you and the community by providing books, videos, supplies, and equipment that aren’t always available through the central system.

Lake Highlands has the most readers in the city of Dallas. How do we know that? Because the Audelia Road Library often has the highest circulation of all the branches in the Dallas Public Library system! 

That’s something to be proud of, but it also puts a real strain on the available resources and facilities. Even the most successful branch doesn’t always get what it needs from downtown to serve its patrons. That requires local support.

How We Help:

As Audelia Road Library Friends, our sole purpose is to encourage and promote local support, then channel it where it does the most good for the library’s patrons. After all, we’re patrons ourselves! What have we been able to do since we began in 1998?

Let’s start with purchases. We’ve funded the purchases of thousands of books, videos, magazines, and other materials. In addition, we purchase badly needed supplies such as bookcases and shelves.

We’ve sponsored guest speakers and supplied refreshments and entertainment for library events. And we host sales of donated books, with all proceeds benefitting the library.

Everything we do is in concert with the Audelia Road Library management and staff. This ensures that Friends’ contributions and time are well-spent.

Please join us!